SEO Management tools
by N Scheidegger
This article focuses on some of the practical tools and tips you can use to start improving your SEO today. The first place to start in SEO is choosing the right keywords, as this will drive almost all the decisions you make going forward. 
  1. Use Adwords to find good keywords
    There is a useful feature under Tools > Keyword Planner where Google suggests keywords for you based on your site, which is a great place to start hunting. The most important thing here is don’t pick the most popular keywords. This may sound counter intuitive, but small business should really be seeking the so called ‘long tail’ of the internet – namely the more specific, less frequent search terms that have a much higher chance of conversion. For example – as an insurance broker it may be tempting to target people querying “Insurance broker sydney”, but you’ll be facing a lot of competition and may not even offer the services the user is after. Rather, you may like to go for variations of “online insurance for workers compensation” – a less frequent but far more targeted audience. 
  2. Use Search Console to find out how you’re tracking
    Previously called Webmaster tools, Google’s Search Console gives you an indication of where you are appearing under what search terms. Set up an account, link your site, and explore this surprisingly useful tool. Make sure your developers have access, as this tool will also tell you what pages aren’t mobile friendly, allow you to block certain URLs appearing on Google, and tell you whether there are any indexing errors.
  3. Links are important, but hard to get
    Don’t waste time linking to sites that aren’t going to bring value, but do link to other pages in your own site. Also hunt links to your site from reputable sources – such as business directories or free PR sites. Links from .gov or .edu sites carry the most weight, but are the hardest to get. Overall aim to have more links coming in than going out. A good site structure with plenty of internal links is your best bet (a good test, make sure every page is within 2 -3 clicks of the home page). 
  4. Host at home
    Australian based hosting is not just good for data protection – Google likes it too! Google will preference .au websites and websites hosted in Australia above others, for users looking in Australia. Google also prefers older domains, although businesses have little control over this it can be a good reason NOT to change names. Finally, secure sites (HTTPS) are preferred by Google, so it may be worthwhile investing in an SSL certificate.
  5. Google Analytics
    A well-known tool, make sure it is linked to your Search Console and AdWords account to get the most out of all three. Use Analytics to check your SEO progress, and make use of the Goals feature to set yourself some targets.
  6. Content is king
    When all is said and done, nothing makes your visitors or Google happier than good, relevant content. A good checklist for your content should include the following:
    • Is your content updated frequently? Although it won’t necessarily improve your ranking, frequent content refreshes (i.e. blogs, articles) will make sure Google indexes your site regularly
    • Is your content targeted and specific? Each page should focus on only one or two key search terms. Break up content over multiple pages where possible to achieve this - although the current trend for ‘scrolling’ sites can make this difficult.
    • Does your content load quickly? Is it grammatically correct? Get the user experience basics right to ensure visitors don’t just click on your site, but stay there. This also means avoiding repeating keywords needlessly to the point that it becomes unreadable. 

We have delved a little deeper into the world of SEO in this article, and while on the surface it appears straightforward it can be overwhelming to implement. Fortunately there are plenty of useful resources online that can help you out – or you can reach out to our development team about anything you’ve read for more information.








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